verified by visa

Verified by VISA – KTB

Verified by Visa is a service jointly developed by KTB and VISA International to add safety and convenience  for shoppers shopping online with KTB’s Debit card (VISA).  Verified by VISA password and Personal Assurance Message (PAM) give online shoppers peace of mind as they they are shopping in private, assured that they are making purchases through e-Commerce stores that are officially registered with VISA.


  1. Added safety with the OTP (One Time Password) enquiry system which sends the password SMS or the password you created to your registered mobile phone number to prevent fraud from using your debit card (VISA) number to make online transactions.
  2. Boost your confidence with PAM which appears on the screen as you make the transaction to ensure that you are in the process of making VISA-certified online transaction.
  3. Quick and convenient service application free of charge, Verified by Visa service is available to existing cardholders of KTB’s Visa Debit and Visa Electron cards.

KTB Verified by Visa